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If you were born between 1946 and 1964…You’re a member of the R GENERATION.  The R GENERATION is considered by many to be the most revolutionary generation in the history of America.  Music, travel, medicine, technology – you name it.  The R GENERATION has truly changed the world.  Now, the R GENERATION is redefining and revolutionizing retirement. 

Members of the R GENERATION won’t retire to do nothing, they’ll retire to do something!  Everything!  All the things they always dreamed of doing. With unprecedented health, wealth, and overall prosperity, retirement for most baby boomers will be a time to try something new.  Whether this means taking on a new dream job, working in philanthropy, teaching, or going back to school – it will be an unchartered stage of life. 

R GENERATION members are going to live longer, work longer, and play longer – and they need to be ready for that. 

Depending on a R GENERATION members segment category, a targeted financial strategy and investments R GENERATION plan will be developed under our R GENERATION services.  And, in order to help R GENERATION members enjoy this richer life – The Retirement Corporation of America has created the R Account – a retirement investment account specifically developed to provide the management services of a Registered Investment Adviser. 

The R Account retirement programs serve two key life phases:

  • Build Your Next Egg - Accumulation Phase
  • Replace Your Paycheck - Distributions Phase


How It Works

Step 1: We work closely with you to create a personalized Family Master Plan.  This process defines your financial goals in view of your status under R GENERATION.

Step 2: We allocate your investment assets using our proven Money Masters investment strategy.  Because asset classes perform differently under various market conditions, diversifying your portfolio across stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents allows us to monitor and manage market volatility.  We work diligently to harness the upside while attempting to minimize the downside of each asset category.

Step 3: As your life changes, your investments should change too.  Each client portfolio is measured, monitored, and adjusted as needed – on a regular basis.  Personal communication with our clients is key – we provide market updates, monthly educational presentations, and industry news through classes and online resources. 

What You Get

The R Account was designed by members of the R GENERATION for the R GENERATION.  It may well be everything you will ever want in an IRA Rollover Account.

  • NO minimum account size                                                                  
  • NO lock-ins of any kind                 
  • NO exit penalties                            
  • NO hassles, no surprises
  • YES - Easy sign up
  • YES - Registered Investment Adviser
  • YES - Completely Independent
  • YES - Active investment management
  • YES - Simple, easy to understand reports
  • YES - Personal service and support
  • YES - We do it all for you

For more information call us today at 1-800-798-9588.

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