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Portfolio Monitoring

Managing RCA client accounts is a dynamic and ongoing process that involves daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual activities, all designed to produce predictable outcomes that are aligned with our client's goals.

Client Centered
  • EACH DAY - All client money movement and investment transactions are audited for accuracy and completion.
  • EACH WEEK - All client accounts are reviewed to make certain they comply with the stated acceptable range outlined in a personalized document called the Investment Policy Statement.
  • EACH MONTH - Performance for every client portfolio is updated to determine how closely the results are tracking to a specified investment performance benchmark.
  • EACH QUARTER - Complete, easy to read investment portfolio performance reports are compiled and delivered to our clients.
  • EACH YEAR - A summary of the existing Investment Policy Statement for each managed portfolio is reviewed with every client.  Clients can use this review as an opportunity to inform RCA of any significant changes to their investment objective, asset allocation mix, income requirements or overall risk profile.

Clients take comfort in the knowledge that RCA maintains a complete system of internal checks and balances designed to keep them in total control of their investments.

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