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Portfolio Construction

Our investment approach is a two-step process that has been diligently refined over the last thirty years in an effort to achieve consistent results over a variety of market cycles.

Client Centered

First, we take a global macro view of the world, focusing on Growth, Inflation, Profits, and Policies in the major financial markets and economies around the globe.  With this understanding, we then allocate your portfolio to take advantage of the opportunities that we perceive to be attractive.

We then select which managers we believe to be top notch in their area of expertise, covering U.S. stocks, international stocks, bonds, and alternatives.  Each manager we select for your portfolio goes through an extensive qualitative analysis that we call our Money Master Selection Process.

Once selected, the RCA Money Master managers are used as the building blocks to create risk-adjusted portfolios that contain a unique blend of diversification among different asset classes and investment styles.

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