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Educational Programs

In addition to the offered R GENERATION financial management, financial planning, and investment services for others, R GENERATION encompasses a series of live educational programs about financial management, financial planning, and investment services, among related topics.  However, pre-recorded videos featuring financial and investment coaching sessions and similar educational programs are also offered.

The R GENERATION programs, in particular, are half-day sessions which offer a more personalized focus with small group interactive question and answer sessions.  During these R GENERATION programs, one will learn about, for example, paycheck replacement plans, key investment management tips, up-to-date tax minimization strategies, and estate and legal planning guidelines. The below are some of our more popular programs.

  • Retire in Comfort Workshop – “A Richer Life for Every American”
  • Accumulate with Confidence Workshop – “ Replace your Paycheck”
  • Money Masters Workshop – “Wake up Your Money”

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